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Success Stories

Classroom Suite

"IntelliTools has made such a difference in so many of the classrooms in my district. Children pre-school through high school use the program and teachers are always telling me how much the students enjoy and remember what they have learned through their computer interactions. IntelliTools allows me to make school computer use an educational experience by using material from the curriculum and tailoring it to the child's ability and needs."
Cindy Kerr, Assistive Technology Specialist and prolific contributor to Classroom Suite Activity Exchange

"I use Classroom Suite all the time in my classroom. Mostly I use the existing templates and customize them to my students needs. I really love this program because it is easy for the kids to learn the concepts, very motivating for them, always interactive, and it automatically keeps all the data. I am able to set up assignments for them and have everything saved for easy tracking. Classroom Suite is GREAT and is a really good way to teach phonics, reading, and writing skills."
An instructor at PS 255Q in Queens, NY

"In the classroom, students enjoy the musical and story-based activities. The activities we select from Activity Exchange are engaging in a visual and auditory way. Frequently used "buttons" such as the blue arrow to move the activities along, are a comfort for students who like that predictability yet enjoy the variety of topics covered in the various activities. In the Computer Lab, students enjoy the routine of signing in to their own work space and accessing a variety of assigned activities. They know that once the window is blank, they have accomplished all their assignments. It is a program that makes sense to them. Classroom Suite is a great combination of variety within a familiar routine. As a teacher, we really appreciate the ability to customize the activities for every student."
An instructor at PS 255Q in Queens, NY

IntelliKeys USB

"You have such an incredible line of products that provide access to my students with special needs. The IntelliKeys programmable keyboard allows me to open doors for my students who can't use the traditional keyboard and mouse. I can support them with text and pictures as they develop literacy skills, assist them with mathematics, and support science curriculum. The possibilities are endless."
Kathie Maltby, Teacher, Irvine, CA

"The IntelliKeys keyboard coupled with programs like IntelliTools Classroom Suite brings learning to life and gives students with special needs the ability to manipulate their learning environments in ways that would not be otherwise possible. The IntelliTools products are innovative, creative, and inviting and open doors for students with special needs to achieve to their highest potential."
Brian Friedlander, Ph.D., AssistiveTek, LLC, Port Murray, NJ

Balanced Literacy

"With simple, appealing graphics and intuitive navigation, the program lets kids move around easily, and the animal themes are sure to delight and interest them. Overall, Balanced Literacy is a well-thought-out approach to helping students master core reading skills."
Iris Oblille Lafferty, Ed. D., educational consultant and researcher for Technology and Learning Network

"We have implemented Balanced Literacy with our special needs students K-2 district-wide this year. One of our buildings liked the program so much they included Balanced Literacy in an Ohio Reads Grant. That building will be implementing the program for all first and second grade classrooms."
Laurel Hamilton, Ohio Valley School District, Columbus, OH