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ReadyMade Story Kits

REady Made Story Kits

Interactive and easy-to-use multimedia kits

ReadyMade® Story Kits are thematic units based on stories or songs, each featuring up to 35 activities utilizing patterned language, familiar refrains, and engaging interactive animations. Features include:
  • Each adventure begins with a printed storybook
  • Answer checking so that teachers can assess progress
  • An extensive PDF resource document full of printable games and away-from-the-computer activities
NOTE: A licensed Classroom Suite (Version 3.2 or higher) must be installed to run the ReadyMade Story Kits.

Colorful Caterpillar

Colorful CaterpillarStudents are introduced to the concepts of colors and numbers while following the metamorphic process of the caterpillar. The 35 supplemental activities teach quantity recognition, simple addition and subtraction, symmetry and pattern, phonics, sentence building, and comprehension.

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Five Cuddly Teddies

Five Cuddly TeddiesStudents count backward as each of the five cuddly teddies goes its way until there are none. Within the engaging bear theme, students practice 35 supplemental activities and explore early math concepts, operations, position concepts, classification, reading, phonics, comprehension, and writing.

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Animal Habitats

Animal HabitatsEarly learners travel with the Curious Polar Bear to five habitats—jungle, grasslands, mountains, arctic, and desert. The 35 thematic activities provide practice in comprehension, writing, phonics, classification, number concepts, math operations, patterns, and more.

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