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General Questions

Classroom Suite

  • What are the benefits of Classroom Suite Network with Web License?
    Classroom Suite Network with Web License (NT-WL) gives educators and administrators the ability to use Classroom Suite activities with a wide range of students from any classroom where students and teachers need to use the program. Sharing Classroom Suite with all students who require AT-supported instruction in the district significantly lowers per pupil instructional cost and improves outcomes of children who struggle most.

    Classroom Suite Network with Web License provides the flexibility to use Classroom Suite throughout a school or a district, including the ability to:
    • Centralize setup, administration, content creation, and reporting from all Network clients connected to a Network server:
      • Easily import lists of students, teachers, and classes
      • Easily import, publish and share activities
      • Run powerful student usage and performance reports.
      This allows usage and performance data to be centrally monitored by teachers and administrators. Results and reports can be shared with parents to review progress at IEP meetings. Data can also be imported into a district database.
    • Save on software costs. Pricing is based on simultaneous usage rather than the number of installed computers. Install it on as many computers as you want and the software accesses an available license via the web from any location. Consult your Sales Representative for help determining the right configuration for your school, district, or organization.
  • How does Classroom Suite Network with Web License work?
    In the simplest terms, Classroom Suite NT-WL software is installed on a networked school server with file sharing enabled and the licensing is handled over the web. Web Licensing makes it possible to manage the licenses across multiple locations. Internet access is required to access the Cambium license server. Since all licenses are tracked over the web, users never have to reallocate licenses from one location to another.

    The product is made up of three distinct software roles:
    Classroom Suite Network Server
    The Classroom Suite Network server location is installed to a shared network folder hosted on a school or district server (see details In Section 2). The Network server holds and shares all of the teachers, classes, students, activities, usage, and student performance data for all connected Classroom Suite Network clients.

    Classroom Suite Network Client
    The Classroom Suite Network client application is installed on a school computer (see details in Section 2). The Network client must connect to a Network server, where it reads/writes all of its data. Network clients obtain licenses from our Web server, respecting concurrent usage limits.

    Classroom Suite Take Home Client
    The Classroom Suite Take Home client allows teachers and students to use Classroom Suite on a school, personal or home computer with internet access but not connected to the school network. Take Home clients are "standalone" installations and do not connect to a Network server to store or share information. However, just like Network clients, Take Home clients obtain licenses through an internet connection from our Web server, respecting concurrent usage limits. Although called "Take Home," you can install Take Home clients on school computers if you do not choose to use a Network server.
  • What are the technical requirements for Classroom Suite?
    The Classroom Suite technical requirements can be found here.
  • What are the system requirements for Classroom Suite?
    The Classroom Suite system requirements can be found here.
  • How do I update from 4.X to the most up to date version of 4.4.X?
    Updating from an older version of Classroom Suite 4 to a 4.4.x version requires a new build of the software. To obtain the new build and start the process, please complete this form. Once completed, you will receive either a download or DVD version of the software, based on your selected delivery method. You will also receive further instructions via email if you intend to upgrade your Network with Web Licensing software.

    If you are looking for earlier content updates (prior to v4.4.X), they can be found on the software updates section.
  • I'm an IT administrator, how do I install Classroom Suite 4 Network w/Web Licensing?
    Installation instructions can be found in our updated Web License Guide.
  • Where can I find information about training for Classroom Suite?
    There are many forms of training resources, here are a few options: If you are interested in more training options please submit this form and a training manager with Customer Success Services will be happy to assist you.
  • Does technical support provide training?
    No, Technical support primarily provides troubleshooting for issues you may encounter with the product; such as errors in the product. For training options it is recommended that you refer to the resources available to you, please see the list of resources located above.
  • How do I make an Overlay for use with a Classroom Suite Activity?
    To make an overlay from a Classroom Suite activity, you must first have Overlay Maker installed.
    1. 1. Open the activity you would like to create an Overlay for in Classroom Suite.
    2. 2. Navigate to Options > Intellikeys > Make Overlay.
    3. 3. This will guide you through an overlay options wizard and when finished, your Overlay will appear in Overlay Maker. At this point it can be further modified, saved, or printed.
  • How do I deliver automatic or step scanning with my IntelliKeys or IntelliSwitch in Classroom Suite?
    First, you would open the activity you are interested in, from Classroom Suite and follow the below steps:
    1. 1. From the Options menu in Classroom Suite, select IntelliKeys > Attach/Edit Overlays. The Attach/Edit Overlays dialog box displays.
    2. 2. Click Attach. A navigation dialog box displays:
      1. a. Single Switch user (Automatic Scan) - Navigate to the Overlays folder (in the Classroom Suite program folder) and select the Automatic Scan Overlay. Click Open.
      2. b. Two Switch user (Step Scan) - Navigate to the Overlays folder (in the Classroom Suite program folder) and select the Step Scan Overlay. Click Open.
    3. 3. After your selection, Click OK to close the Attach/Edit dialog box.
  • My Classroom Suite for Macintosh is up-to-date, but my overlays won't send to IntelliKeys. How can I resolve this issue?
    For the Macintosh version of the IntelliKeys Control Panel to function properly, it's important that the IntelliKeys software is installed before Classroom Suite. To resolve this issue please un-install Classroom Suite and re-install Classroom Suite. Before re-installing, be sure you have the latest IntelliKeys control panel software installed.
  • Is there an Android or IOS (iPad/iPhone) version of Classroom Suite?
    Classroom Suite is currently only available in Macintosh and Windows versions. Our development is actively researching other operating systems for possible support in the future.

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